Sp Cine Fomento

Audiovisual 2013

Special Award

FIAT - Podgorica / Montenegro 2017

ProAC Artes

Integradas 2015

A theater company that is no longer only a theater company can be anything. Even a theater company. Seeking to capture the zeitgeist - the spirit of our time - we explore the transmedia universe in our creations. Theater, audio, performance, installation, movies, social networks, smartphones, sometimes all together. From site-specific dramaturgies - created especially for each space - we present immersive experiences that put the public at the center of the work.

Created in 2012 its first project I - Negotiating Meanings, an immersive scenic transmedia experience with one month duration that mixed social networks and virtual encounters with characters in addition to presential encounters in a house and in a several places in the city - with presentations in São Paulo and Munich in Germany. Created in 2015 the experience ABSENT FREQUENCY 19hz  within the official program of the VIRADA CULTURAL in Capobianco Institute and Satyrianas Festival, presented also at Festival Imaginarius 2016, Santa Maria da Feira - PORTUGAL, at FIAT 2017 in Podgorica - MONTENEGRO (where won the Special Award), Perfídia Festival in São José do Rio Preto 2017, Winter Festival of São João del Rei  2018, Official programe of Curitiba Festival 2018, DPH of Municipality of São Paulo 2019 and SESC Paulista Avenue 2019.  In 2017 launched The Voynich Puzzle, an binaural audio / graffiti digital series in app, where the audience becomes the central character of a thriller about the Voynich manuscript, a real and indecipherable book.


Bernardo Galegale

Transmedia artist, director, graduated in Social Sciences by USP, Master degree in Cultural Mediation. Won the  Coca-Cola FEMSA Prize for Best Soundtrack in 2011.

Gustavo Vaz

Transmedia artist, actor, voice actor, dramaturge and director, have an extense carreer in theater and movies. Won the Shell e Cesgranrio Prize for Best Brazilian Actor in Theater 2018.

Gabriel Spinosa

Transmedia artist, voice actor, musician. 

Graduated as actor by Incenna, is also musical producer with several works as music director for theater plys and dance performances.

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