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Special Award

FIAT - Podgorica / Montenegro 2017

A Theater company that is no longer a Theater company can be anything. Even a Theater company. Seeking to capture the zeitgeist - our spirit of time - we explored the transmedia universe in our creations. Theatre, audio, installation, cinema, social networks, internet, interactivity, sometimes all together. Based on site specific dramaturgies - created especially for each space - we present immersive experiences that places the audience at the center of the work.



Born out of a research group formed by artists involved in cultural production and theater, in 2012 created its first project "I - Negotiating Menings", a month-long immersive transmedia experience that brought together social networks and virtual meetings with characters, in addition to face-to-face meetings in a house and in different places in the city - with presentations made in SP and in Munich, Germany, within the Artistic Residence at Kunstlerhaus Villa Waldberta.



In 2015 the experience AUDIO-DRAMA JOURNEY debuts within the official program of Virada Cultural at the Capobianco Institute and at the Satyrianas Festival, later renamed as ABSENT FREQUENCY 19Hz. It is an individual and itinerant 3D audio experience, where the audience accompanies a dematerialized character on a journey through the memory of the city. It was presented at the Imaginarius Festival, in Santa Maria da Feira - PORTUGAL (2016), at the FIAT in Podgorica - MONTENEGRO (2017), where it received the Special Award as a highlight performance of the festival, at the Perfídia Festival in São José do Rio Preto (2017) , at Funarte SP (2018), at the São João del Rei Winter Festival (2018), at the Curitiba Festival (2018), at the São Paulo Patrimony’s Journey (2018) and in São Paulo in a partnership with the DPH of the Municipal Secretary of Culture (2019).



In 2017 launched THE VOYNICH PUZZLE, a series in 3D audio and digital graffiti via app, sponsored by ProAC Artes Integradas SP, and still available for download on different app stores.



In 2019, frequenciaausente.doc, a ABSENT FREQUENCY 19Hz adaptation made especially for the SESC Avenida Paulista building. The public accessed an immersive and itinerant interactive exhibition made in honor of Leonardo Gritzbur, an artist member of the group who disappeared in 2018 days before the debut of his monologue Memento Mori.



In 2020, launched the web series IF I WAS THERE with Gustavo Vaz and Débora Falabella, an immersive first-person experience and 3D audio where the audience accompanies a couple in crisis during the COVID 19 pandemic, trying to resolve the relationship through the exchange of audios via Whatsapp. The project was launched on Grupo Globo's Gshow platform and on artists' IGTVs.



Also in 2020, in partnership with Teatro Porto Seguro, ExCompanhia premiered ExREALITY, a 9-day reality show where 3 artists from the group exposed their smartphones screen continuously in a game searching for the meaning of life and a prize of 20 thousand reais. The public accessed an exclusive platform and, in addition to deciding the direction of the game, became a character of the experience.


Bernardo Galegale

Transmedia artist, director, graduated in Social Sciences by USP, Master degree in Cultural Mediation. Won the  Coca-Cola FEMSA Prize for Best Soundtrack in 2011.


Gustavo Vaz

Transmedia artist, actor, voice actor, dramaturge and director, have an extense carreer in theater and movies. Won the Shell e Cesgranrio Prize for Best Brazilian Actor in Theater 2018.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-31 at

Gabriel Spinosa

Transmedia artist, voice actor, musician. 

Graduated as actor by Incenna, is also musical producer with several works as music director for theater plys and dance performances.

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