I - Negotiating Meanings (2012/2013) For a month, the audience of 20 people related to fictional characters via social networks and in individual and collective face-to-face meetings. The project discussed the reality of things from the reality created on the internet and in virtual profiles. In the plot, Leonardo Gritzbur, a performer decides to meet people online and put them into a social performance experiment. When his own secrets, his wife Sofia Montillo and audience members begin to blend in, the experience goes unimaginable. Presentations in Brazil and Germany. ENGLISH SUBTITLES


ABSENT FREQUENCY 19HZ (2015/?) Winner of Special Prize FIAT 2017 -  Podgorica, Montenegro Experience in binaural audio, digital photos and videos. Inspired by Sartre's "The Nausea." The site specific dramaturgy created using the history of each city also uses reports of local residents in their construction. The audience individually accompanies an invisible actor through a 3D audio technology that simulates their physical presence in space. A year after a frustrated premiere where no one came to watch his monologue, the mysteriously dematerialized actor reappears for the participants in the experience, leading them to an existential journey over the city streets. Presentations in Brazil and abroad in Portugal and Montenegro. Use headphones. ENGLISH SUBTITLES


THE VOYNICH PUZZLE (2017) Series in 3D audio and digital graffiti in app format, where the user lives in first person the character José, a historian who seeks to decode the Voynich manuscript, while at the same time trying to stop a growing loss of memory. The project also fulfills a function of mediation with the city, by placing the participants, in an autonomous way, in contact with public libraries of the city of São Paulo. AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON iOS AND ANDROID IN BRAZIL. Use headphones, audio in Portuguese.



I - Negotiating Meanings Transmedia audiovisual experience. The audience of the series becomes a character in the story of Leonardo, an obstinate artist who questions, during a social experiment, the reality in which we are in. Pilot project in NEW FORMAT for a transmedia series in Brazil. In the plot, the audience will chat with the characters during the series, and will use the reading of QR Codes in some chapters to access exclusive contents in 3D audio, videos and images. LOOKING FOR FUNDINGENGLISH SUBTITLES



JORNADA - Pilot Project The ExCompanhia de Teatro proposes an audio-drama experience created in site specific that leads the participants to renew their understandings about the city and the public space, at the same time as they rediscover themselves. The project will be produced as an app, available permanently for the residents of São Paulo. LOOKING FOR FUNDING. ENGLISH SUBTITLES



I - Negotiating Meanings (Munich/Germany)

Vídeo perfomance by ficcional character Helga Wozel.


The open door


karen B.

Vídeo perfomance by ficcional character Helga Wozel.


Snow Balloons

Video performance

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